Enterprise Telecom Solutions
The One-Stop For All Of Your Telecommunications Needs
Enterprise Telecom Solutions is an independent agent organization, trained and authorized to sell world-class business communications services from multiple telecommunications carriers.

Our experience, provides access to continuous best-in-class sales support and educational training in key services, including POTS Line Consolidation, Dedicated Internet Access, IP/VPN, MPLS, VOIP, Long Distance, Data Connectivity and Local Services.  In addition to a broad knowledge base, we provide a personalized level of service that is often missing in these days of automated customer service and online ordering. We strive to get to know you and your business; this enables us to tailor solutions to your exact requirements. We offer customization at its very best!

When your company is in need of telecommunications services you have two choices.  One, contact a carrier or multiple carriers directly, assuming you can actually find someone to talk to, or simply contact Enterprise Telecom Solutions with access to more than 30 carriers.  So when deciding on which route to take, please consider the following:

 When you go direct to a carrier's sales representative, you lose impartiality
  • Ultimately, they are only familiar with a handful of products
  • Your company could be one of hundreds "revenue managed" by a single carrier sales representative, who is only compensated by growing revenue 
  • Today's solutions are whatever the carrier is pushing at the time, as opposed to what may be the best products for your business
  • Carrier-specific product bundles may force you to purchase add-on features you don't need
  • Employee turnover and disappearing post-sale support are common with carriers

When you go directly to multiple carrier's at once, you lose continuity and competitiveness

  • Different sales processes for similar services
  • Carrier-specific product names cause confusion
  • Carriers always start with the highest prices and only provide discounts and promotions to compete with other carriers - you rarely get their best offer, if ever
  • Varied time frames for contracts, installation, repair, etc. per carrier
  • Service is second to achieving sales quota targets

When you work with Enterprise Telecom Solutions, you gain impartiality

  • Because we are carrier neutral, we tailer solutions, which may include multiple carriers, instead of one product fits all thinking
  • We design solutions to minimize expenses while providing maximum service
  • Know your options, sometimes the simpler solution is the best solution
  • We are experts at securing the most reliable, best possible service on a case-by-case basis, and deliver ongoing support
  • All of our sales people average 14 years of carrier-agent sales experience 

When you work with Enterprise Telecom Solutions, you gain continuity and competitiveness

  • All carrier quotes and contracts are delivered from one source
  • We deliver faster, more efficient quotes than any carrier direct representative can, and  services presented for your consideration will be an "apples-to-apples" comparison
  • Because carriers know we provide detailed cost-benefit analysis, we often receive pricing for clients that direct carrier representatives cannot access themselves
  • We provide permanent pre-sale and post-sale support
  • We have a reliable, empowered staff with carrier service and management experience to provide solutions, not to fill quotas 

In conclusion, Enterprise Telecom Solutions provides

  • Access to multiple carriers at one time
  • The knowledge to navigate each carrier for quotes, contracts and support in a timely manner 
  • Greater attention from carriers due to our dedicated support, industry reputation and the ability of our staff to directly assist carriers in troubleshooting
  • Total outsourcing of vendor management so you can focus on your business
  • Expertise in all telecommunications services, from analog to digital
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