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AT&T and Verizon Want to Hang Up Copper Landlines.  As the Wall Street Journal states, “Telecom giants AT&T and Verizon Communications are lobbying states, one by one, to hang up the plain, old telephone system, what the industry now calls POTS--the copper-wired landline phone system whose reliability and reach made the U.S. a communications powerhouse for more than 100 years."

What's your technology succession plan?  If your like most businesses, you may not have a technology succession plan that effectively addresses the sunset of copper-based services. Without a plan in place, your missing out.  Modern technologies, such as Unified Communications and Digital Voice, are obvious choices designed to help navigate this industry transformation so that you don't remain unprepared.

Consolidate All of your POTS lines with no line left behind.  Migrate all your lines, no matter where they are nationwide over to one carrier. With all your lines on a single network, you’ll only have one invoice to review for all your locations.

First consolidate what you have for immediate savings.  Get only the lines you need and not a line more.  Once all your analog lines are migrated, consolidate and optimize your inventory so you can achieve improved standardization. We’ll clean up lines and features and eliminate unauthorized third-party charges. You’ll get what you really need and not another line or feature more while reducing your network costs.

Plan a safe and controlled migration.  Our experts will design a migration road-map that’s just right for your business. Utilize a phased approach or convert all your locations (you decide) to digital voice service. Best of all, you’re not moving your lines from one provider to another. It’s all happening in a safe and controlled manner.

A single accountable carrier eliminates the finger-pointing.  No more straddling carriers and getting stuck between them. We know that managing your line migration can be really frustrating. Some providers may hold up your lines and what happens if your new digital voice provider can’t provide service at all your locations. Have you thought about what you’ll do about fax and alarm lines? With Enterprise Telecom Solutions, you have an expert to manage your conversion. We’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck between two or more carriers.

Cost savings can add up quickly.  Digital voice, with its powerful feature set and immediate cost savings, helps you better compete, drive down costs, enhance client satisfaction and increase productivity. Savings are realized without any Capital Expenditures on your part.  Here are a few real world examples:

 Line  Analog Line Cost*  Analog Line w/All Fees Digital Voice Cost   Per Line Savings
 248-784-XXXX  $32.00 $48.00  $20.00  58% 
 817-226-XXXX  $54.00 $70.00  $20.00  71% 
 407-816-XXXX  $65.00 $81.00  $20.00  75% 

*Sample lines from Michigan, Texas and Florida are illustrated in the table.  Prices will vary Nationwide.

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